8 Meter Arc –

The area in front of the goal marked by two straight lines extending 45 degrees from the edge of either side of the crease at the goal line connected by a line in the shape of an arc that is 8 meters in front of the goal line.

12 Meter Fan –

A semi-circle shaped area in front of the goal that is marked by two lines extending straight out perpendicular to the crease and connected by a lined arc that is 12 meters out from the goal line The line of the 12 meter fan is 4 meters outside the 8 meter arc.

Attack/Offense –

The offensive team.

Checking –

Stick checking is the repeated tapping or a repeated push/pull motion of a defender’s stick in an attempt to dislodge the ball from the ball carrier’s stick.

Clear –

A pass usually coming from the goalie to advance the ball from the defensive end of the field to the offensive end of the field.

Crease –

The 8.5 foot radius circle that surrounds the goal. This is the home of the goal keeper and certain rules apply about who can enter the crease and when. When interpreting these rules the crease is considered an invisible cylinder or vertical plane.

Critical scoring area –

The area around and behind the goal (usually 15 square yards in front of the goal and 10 square yards behind the goal) where the attack attempts to execute plays to score goals. Obstructing shooting space (a major foul) is only called when players are in this area.

Cutting –

The movement of a player to break from a defender to have enough space to receive a pass from a teammate, or to create free space for another teammate to move into.

Defense –

The team, not in possession of the ball, who attempts to prevent the attack from scoring goals.

Direct free position –

The result of a major foul in which the fouled player with the ball may shoot immediately, run, or pass the ball to a teammate.

Fast break –

A team’s attempt to gain a numerical advantage over their opponent by moving the ball quickly down the field as a team by running and passing it towards the goal .

Free space –

The space in front of a player with the ball that extends to the outside of either side of the crease.

Goal Line –

The line on the field painted between the two vertical goal posts to indicate the plane of the goal face. The ball must cross this line and the plane of the goal to be a valid goal.

Goal line extended –

An imaginary line that extends from the either side of the goal line to the sidelines of the field.

Indirect free position –

The result of a minor foul. The player awarded the ball may not shoot immediately but must either pass the ball to a teammate or wait to shoot the ball until a defender has checked her stick.

Mark –

To defend one player within one arm and stick’s length of that player.

Modified Checking –

Checking of an opponent’s stick. This check must be below shoulder level and made in a downward motion away from the opponent’s body.

Pocket –

The part of the stick in which the ball rests.

Restraining Line –

There is one restraining line painted on each half of the field. This line extends across the width of the field and is positioned 30 yards from each goal line. The restraining line marks the limit of the offensive area where only 7 offensive players and 8 defensive players (including the goalie) may be located when the offense is attacking their opponent’s goal.

Slide –

A move by a defender to leave one player from the other team to mark a more dangerous opponent.


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