Varsity and JV 2013 Game Schedule (updated 2/27/13)

date Day Start Time Home Visitor
Mar 12 Tue 6:00 PM Eagle Borah
Mar 13 Wed 6:00 PM BK JV Eagle JV
Mar 13 Wed 7:30 PM Bishop Kelly Eagle
Mar 21 Thu 5:30 PM Skyview Eagle
Apr 2 Tue 6:00 PM Eagle JV MV JV
Apr 2 Tue 7:30 PM Eagle Mountain View
Apr 4 Thu 6:30 PM Rocky JV Eagle JV
Apr 4 Thu 8:00 PM Rocky Mountain Eagle
Apr 9 Tue 5:00 PM Boise JV Eagle JV
Apr 9 Tue 6:30 PM Boise Eagle
Apr 11 Thu 6:00 PM Eagle JV BK JV
Apr 11 Thu 7:30 PM Eagle Bishop Kelly
Apr 16 Tue 5:00 PM Timberline Eagle
Apr 18 Thu 6:00 PM Eagle JV Centennial JV
Apr 18 Thu 7:30 PM Eagle Centennial
Apr 24 Wed 6:00 PM Eagle JV Rocky JV
Apr 24 Wed 7:30 PM Eagle Rocky Mountain
Apr 30 Tue 5:00 PM Borah Eagle
Apr 30 Tue 5:00 PM Centennial JV Eagle JV
May 2 Thu 6:00 PM Eagle JV Boise JV
May 2 Thu 7:30 PM Eagle Boise
May 8 Wed 5:00 PM MV JV Eagle JV
May 8 Wed 6:30 PM Mountain View Eagle
May 9 Thu 6:00 PM Eagle Timberline


Varsity and JV 2012 Game Schedule (updated April 4, 2012)

Date Day Time Home Away
13-Mar  Tues 5:00 PM  Eagle JV  Rocky Mtn JV
13-Mar  Tues 6:30 PM  Eagle Varsity  Rocky Mtn Varsity
21-Mar  Wed 5:00 PM  Eagle JV  Centennial JV
21-Mar  Wed 6:30 PM  Eagle Varsity  Centennial Varsity
3-Apr  Tues 6:00 PM  Eagle JV  Mtn View JV
3-Apr  Tues 7:30 PM  Eagle Varsity  Timberline Varsity
4-Apr  Wed 6:00 PM  Eagle JV  Bishop Kelly JV
4-Apr  Wed 7:30 PM  Eagle Varsity  Bishop Kelly Varsity
9-Apr  Mon 6:00 PM  Eagle JV  Vallivue JV
9-Apr  Mon 7:30 PM  Eagle Varsity  Borah Varsity
11-Apr  Wed 5:00 PM  Skyview Varsity  Eagle Varsity
12-Apr  Thurs 5:00 PM  Boise JV  Eagle JV
12-Apr  Thurs 6:30 PM  Boise Varsity  Eagle Varsity
17-Apr  Tues 6:30 PM   Centennial JV (late game)   Eagle JV
17-Apr  Tues 5:00 PM   Centennial Varsity (early)   Eagle Varsity
19-Apr  Thurs 6:00 PM  Eagle JV  Mtn View JV
19-Apr  Thurs 7:30 PM  Eagle Varsity  Skyview Varsity
23-Apr  Mon 6:30 PM  Rocky Mtn JV  Eagle JV
23-Apr  Mon 8:00 PM  Rocky Mtn Varsity  Eagle Varsity
25-Apr  Wed 5:00 PM  Bishop Kelly JV  Eagle JV
25-Apr  Wed 6:30 PM  Bishop Kelly Varsity  Eagle Varsity
1-May  Tues 5:00 PM  Vallivue JV  Eagle JV
2-May  Wed 6:00 PM  Eagle JV  Boise JV
2-May  Wed 7:30 PM  Eagle Varsity  Boise Varsity
3-May  Thur 6:00 PM  Eagle Varsity  Timberline Varsity
10-May  Thur 5:00 PM  Borah Varsity  Eagle Varsity

Archive – EHS Club Schedule – 2011 Overview

Game Calendar

EHS Team Members – Some of you have been asking what you need to do to get ready for the upcoming season. Here are three things that you should be doing:

1. Stay in Shape – Don’t be an Idaho couch potato over the fall and winter. Play another sport; get out to the gym, run, run and run some more. February will be too late to start. Starting now means you’ll have an AWSOME season and prevent injuries.
2. Use your Lacrosse Stick – Wall ball is the best thing you can do to build you skills. Find a wall, and throw the ball at it. Just do it, and do it for 10 to 15 minutes a day (great study break). You’ll be amazed at how much you improve.
3. BE A STUDENT OF THE GAME – Let me say that again … be a student of the game! This is the most IMPORTANT thing you can do to play smart and hard. On our website, under Skills and Drills, are the Level I and Level II player/coaching videos by US LACROSSE. Watch the videos over and over and let the skill sink into your head! These will TRANSFORM your game into an elite player! Watch them and practice what they teach!! Have fun with it too.

October – Parents Committee Meeting – Owen’s House at from 7 pm to 8:30. This for parents who have interest in helping out and want to know more. An agenda will follow.

November, dates TBD – TVWLL team may send an Idaho team to Phoenix for west coast weekend tournament. If the trip is on, details will be announced.

December to January – Fast CAMP with Susan Wade. Details to come.

January 14th 7 pm to 9 pm – Registration night for EHS Women’s Lacrosse at EHS cafeteria. Details will follow (forms, costs, EHS gear, etc.).

Feb 28th – First day of practice for Varsity and Junior Varsity.

March 17th – Beetdiggers Tournament for Varsity in Salt Lake City, Utah.

June – Vail, CO -TVWLL will take an Idaho team end of June.

2009 Archive – Varsity and Junior Varsity Game Schedule

To view in PDF format, click here>

*NEW*  2008 and 2009 Online Calendars:

See league schedule above for offical TVWLL games.  The Varsity and JV schedule below is for extra non TVWLL games

To view special event information, click here>

2008 Archive:

2007 / 2008 Here’s the Calander of Important Dates for the 2008 Season. As additional schedule information becomes avaible, it will be posted here and under the appropriated sections (i.e Varsity, etc.) EHS Girl’s Lacrosse 2008 Schedule – MARCH 08 Update


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